EEI Ordering Guidelines for Educators

We are committed to providing you with EEI print materials at no cost. However, due to finite resources, and in order to ensure that the greatest number of educators are able to obtain the EEI Curriculum, we have put the following guidelines in place.

Ordering Initial Units

You must attend an EEI training to qualify to obtain free EEI units in print. Trainings can take the form of an in-person workshop or online training—via live or on-demand webinar. Once you have completed an initial training, you will receive an offer to order up to two EEI units. Each print unit contains a combination of teacher and student materials. Teacher’s Masters and Visual Aids are only available in digital format on our website. Please note, materials shipments are subject to delay or cancellation if you provide an inaccurate training name and/or date when submitting your order.

Obtaining Additional Units

You can choose to attend additional EEI trainings to improve your practice. However, the only way to qualify to obtain additional EEI units is to teach one of the units you have already received and complete an online survey about your classroom experience using it. For each unit you teach and for which you complete a corresponding survey, you will qualify to order one additional free unit. In this manner, you can obtain all of the EEI units you need.

It is very important that you teach a unit first before completing a survey. Survey results are used to gauge the effectiveness of our program and to obtain additional funding for continued implementation, including free curriculum distribution and teacher training opportunities. Submitting a survey for a unit that has not been taught will result in inaccurate data and could impact our ability to provide free curriculum materials and trainings in the future. If a survey appears to be completed without teaching a unit, we reserve the right to cancel the order.

Student Material Reorders

In addition to qualifying you to order a new EEI unit, completing a survey will also allow you to reorder student materials for the unit for which you completed the survey. Due to limited supplies, we kindly ask that you reorder only on an as-needed basis. For more detailed instructions on how to reorder student materials, see this webpage.

Special Cases

We will only provide more than two units at a time in exceptional cases.

If you believe yours is an exceptional case, please contact us via email to submit your request for more than two units. In your request, you should briefly explain:

1.) Why it is essential that you obtain copies of more than two units at the same time;

2.) Why it is infeasible for you to first teach another unit and complete a survey; and

3.) Why accessing the digital files will not meet your needs.


We reserve the right to update these order guidelines at any time. By ordering from us, you acknowledge that you have read and understand all guidelines at the time of your order, as well as agree to our Privacy Policy. For questions about any of our policies, please contact us

Updated May 2018