EEI Curriculum - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is taught in the EEI Curriculum?

A: The EEI Curriculum consists of 85 K-12 units that teach science and history-social science through an environmental lens. Teachers can use the EEI to integrate environmental lessons and concepts into their lesson plans for select California standards. In addition to teaching over 45 K-12 history-social science standards to mastery, our curriculum has been correlated to the Common Core State Standards and also provides teachers with useful resources to support their transition to the Next Generation Science Standards.

Q: How can I use the EEI Curriculum to teach Common Core State Standards?

A: Although the EEI was developed prior to Common Core adoption, it provides an excellent source of relevant and engaging informational texts and includes many activities designed to develop critical thinking skills and hone students’ abilities to construct reasoned arguments from evidence. Our free Correlation Guides provide a lesson-by-lesson alignment and also offer many helpful tips that will make EEI an invaluable tool in your Common Core instruction. Please browse our library of free Common Core Correlation Guides.

Q: Can I use the EEI Curriculum to connect with Next Generation Science Standards?

A: New, state-adopted instructional materials are not expected to be available until 2018-19, at the earliest. In the meantime, the EEI Curriculum provides many useful resources to assist you as you begin your transition to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Although the EEI Curriculum was based on California’s 1998 science content standards, it contains diverse instructional resources that, if thoughtfully integrated, can enrich lessons and units of study focused on California’s NGSS. To learn more about how EEI can support NGSS instruction, please visit our NGSS Correlation Guides page.

Q: Does the EEI Curriculum align with other curricula and resources?

A: Yes. Every EEI Teacher’s Edition includes a unit planner section that identifies the sections of your current textbook with the EEI Curriculum unit that teaches the same standards. In addition, some organizations have taken steps to identify themselves as providing programs and materials that complement the EEI Curriculum. One especially good resource is available from the California Department of Parks and Recreation at Teach the EEI Curriculum with State Parks. This site offers a wonderful alignment tool and online resource that connects specific EEI lessons and units to various state parks. For more local programs and online resources for teachers, we recommend contacting your local representative of the California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) Network, sponsored by the California Department of Education. CREEC coordinators are highly knowledgeable about environmental education resources in their local region.

Q: How can I find out if the environmental topic I want to teach is covered in an EEI unit?

A: It’s easy to find out which EEI Curriculum units cover any of fifteen specific environmental topics. Please visit Access EEI and search for units by environmental topics such as air, energy, water, climate change, pollution prevention, and much more. You can also access an environmental topics map on our environmental topics webpage. This map will help you choose lessons and resources to support your educational focus.

Q: How can I minimize the paper my class consumes while using EEI?

A: All components of the EEI Curriculum are available for free download in a PDF format, and form-fillable Teacher’s Masters and student workbooks are featured throughout the EEI units. Browse our downloadable online units and components. The form-fillable files are easy to use with any PDF reader. In addition, students with access to classroom computers or tablets can complete reading exercises, review activity masters, or access assessments online. For more ideas on how to implement the EEI Curriculum digitally, visit our Going Green webpage.

Q: What are my options for getting trained to use the EEI Curriculum?

A: We make it easy for teachers to begin using the EEI Curriculum with confidence by offering a variety of free teacher trainings. Join an in-person workshop, sign up for a live online webinar, or view webinars on demand. Every EEI training is taught by experienced EEI Teacher Ambassadors who provide practical, helpful resources that can be used immediately in your classroom.

Get started today by browsing our listings of upcoming trainings.

Q: I don’t see an in-person EEI workshop listed in my area, how can I get trained?

A: We update our calendar of trainings on a weekly basis. If you don’t see an event on our calendar that is convenient for you, please consider participating in any of our free online EEI Live! Webinars. Or you may view a pre-recorded webinar from our growing On Demand webinar library. Whether you attend a training in person or online, you’ll qualify to receive free EEI Curriculum units in print.*

*Only your first EEI training will qualify you to order. After that, complete surveys on the units you teach to qualify to order additional EEI materials.

Q: How can I organize an EEI training for teachers at my school?

A: We are happy to arrange free, in-person EEI workshops provided a minimum anticipated attendance of fifteen teachers and/or administrators. If you would like to learn more about bringing a training to your school, please fill out this form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Q: What are the benefits of attending EEI Training?

A: EEI training is the quickest way for you to get oriented to the features of the EEI Curriculum before diving into teaching a lesson. Other benefits include:

  • Qualify to order up to 2 EEI Curriculum units in print, at no cost!*
  • Improve your practice; discover how EEI can help support Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards, as well as teach to mastery select history-social science standards
  • Receive guidance from a fellow educator who has extensive experience using the curriculum

*Only your first EEI training will qualify you to order. After that, complete surveys on the units you teach to qualify to order additional EEI materials.

Q: How many EEI trainings can I participate in?

A: You are welcome to participate in as many free EEI trainings as you wish, and we encourage you to pursue deeper interest and engagement with the curriculum to improve your practice.

Q: If I attend multiple EEI trainings, will I qualify to order two free EEI units after each training?

A: Only your first EEI training will qualify you to order two free EEI units. Attend additional EEI trainings to receive additional tips and improve your practice with the EEI Curriculum.

To order additional EEI units, complete surveys on the units you teach to qualify to order additional EEI materials.

Q: How much does the EEI Curriculum cost?

A: All 85 EEI Curriculum units are available for free on our website in PDF format. California teachers who attend a free EEI training for the first time are eligible to order up to two EEI units in print, at no cost. Visit Get Trained for a listing of upcoming trainings.

Q: I have taught my first EEI unit and my students loved it. How do I get more units in print?

A: That’s easy – you can get your next free EEI Curriculum unit by taking our short online survey. Simply tell us about your experience teaching the EEI unit you currently have and you’ll receive directions on how to order another free EEI Curriculum unit and classroom set of student materials.

Q: How do I reorder EEI student materials for a unit I’ve already taught?

A: Please see our How To Reorder EEI Student Materials page.

Q: I need to get all of the EEI units for my grade in print, how do I order them all?

A: Currently we are only able to provide California teachers two free EEI units at one time. However, you can qualify to order additional units by submitting an online survey for the EEI units that you’ve already received. The survey should be taken after you’ve taught the unit so that you can answer questions related to the effectiveness of the curriculum in your classroom. For each survey that you submit you will qualify to order one additional unit.

If this method does not work for you, please know that all EEI units can be previewed and downloaded on our website. You may consider printing EEI units or individual components, as needed, on your own or by using school resources. Please visit our Going Green page for tips on efficient printing strategies and how to minimize costs.

Q: Why can I only order one or two different EEI units at a time?

A: We are committed to providing you with EEI print materials at no cost. However, due to our finite resources, and in order to ensure equitable access for all educators to the EEI Curriculum, we are only able to provide two free units at one time. For more information, please visit our Ordering Guidelines page.

Q: After I submit my order for my free EEI Curriculum units, how long will it take for my materials to arrive?

A: Typically, it takes one to two weeks for your free EEI Curriculum unit to arrive However, please note that we cannot ship to a P.O. Box, and providing one can cause delays. Additionally, EEI units may periodically go out-of-stock due to high demand. In those instances, you will be advised regarding any potential delay in receiving your unit.

Q: I am unable to open the Teacher’s Edition of the EEI Curriculum on your website.

A: That’s easy to fix – you need to obtain a password for the EEI Teacher’s Editions. All of our Teacher’s Editions are password protected because they contain answers to assessments and other information intended only for educators. Please complete our password request form to access these components.

Q: Why do I have to provide my email to receive access to the EEI Teacher's Editions?

A: EEI Teacher's Editions are password protected because they contain information intended for teachers and administrators only. By providing us with your email address we are able to send you a password to access the Teacher's Editions. This registration process also allows us to keep you informed about the latest EEI news and updates, as well as track interest in the curriculum so that we can ensure funding for continued implementation of EEI, including free curriculum distribution and teacher training opportunities. We understand the privacy and security of your personal information is very important, please read our privacy policy to better understand what information we collect from you, how we use that data, and how we protect your privacy.

Q: I requested a password to the EEI Teacher's Editions, but never received an email.

A: Our system automatically responds to your password request inquiry and sends access information directly to the email you provide to us. If you don’t see our reply in your inbox, please check your junk/spam mailbox to see if your password email ended up there. If, for any reason, you still don’t see our response, please contact us for assistance.

Q: Are there plans to create additional EEI Curriculum units?

A: Currently, there are no plans to add more EEI units. The original 85-unit collection was approved by the State Board of Education (SBE) as a model curriculum for publishers to use as a guide for incorporating environmental principles and concepts (EP&Cs) into future classroom texts. Rather than creating more EEI units, we are working diligently with the California Department of Education, the California Instructional Quality Commission, and the SBE to ensure the EP&Cs are fully integrated into new state-adopted science and history-social science textbooks set to arrive on or around 2018-2019.

Q: Are there any plans to produce the EEI Curriculum units in other languages besides English?

A: At the present time, we do not have the resources to translate EEI Curriculum units into languages other than English. However, we understand the need and are exploring creative ways to provide the curriculum in other languages. For example, we are aware of several schools in California who have translated select units into Spanish, and we are happy to put you in touch with them. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Are there plans to align the EEI Curriculum to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards?

A: We are happy to provide free correlation guides that provide tips for using the EEI Curriculum to support Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards. Please browse these guides here.